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Welcome to the Wild New Zealand Gallery.     The site revamp is pretty much complete.   Shortly I shall be adding a bunch of new work, so do keep an eye on these pages.



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PLUS Most works are now available
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Prints and cards of the art diplayed here (and more of my works) are available on Redbubble and Society6, as well as posters and other products printed with the art. Follow the links below:


This site speaks for all the wild places of the world and the living things that manage to survive in them. These support us and our environment in a million ways we don't even realise. May we gain the wisdom and the commitment to look after our wonderful planet in the manner it deserves.

What's This?

In 2005 I was selling artwork on eBay, and because many of my customers were not from New Zealand, I was writing explanatory background to go in the listings. After I'd sold quite a few, it occurred to me that all this information was going to waste once the listings ended.  So I started Wild New Zealand as a permanent site that year.  It has gradually grown a life of its own since then, and now features prints, cards and posters as well as the artworks and their stories.

in 2010-11 I completed a 12 months' stint illustrating a book called Taketakerau The Millennium Tree that launched in NZ early in 2012. The book is now in its third printing, has won 5 Awards, including being in the 4 finalists for the NZA Post Children's Book of The Year, Non-Fiction category.

In addition, I won a personal award from the NZ Children's Art House Foundation, for the Artist whose work has done most for Children's Books in 2012. Getting this Award was really exciting, because children had the major say in which artist should win, and by all accounts there was some pretty strong competition.

From this project have emerged 36 new artworks with the themes of New Zealand nature, wildlife and history - and soon I'll be taking the wraps off and letting them go public.

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Artworks on display are divided up into theme based Rooms and these are linked from the top group of buttons on the left hand navigation bar, and also in links at the bottom of every page. Once you choose a Room, you get a list of the works on display there, with items linking to their individual artwork display pages. You can navigate at all times within the Gallery using the sidebar.

You will also find a "Home" link at the bottom of every page in the Gallery. Please enjoy browsing here!

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