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Kia Ora and Greetings from New Zealand

Law is my training, but Art is my life's blood...   For about 14 years I practised law in Government in our capital city Wellington - a far cry from where I now live on a rural 10 acre property in the Far North.  I more recently spent 10 years full-time looking after my elderly mom with Alzheimers.

During that period the Internet and my art became my lifeline. I now freelance in art, illustration, graphics and webdesign.

The 'presence' and sanctity of the land, and the enduring qualities of the animals that inhabit it have always been the focus of most of my work.

The outdoors was very important to me when I worked in the city. A good colleague introduced me to walking the high country and after that most of my weekends and short holidays were spent in the hills around Wellington, from the Central North Island Plateau with its great volcanoes, through the "Lord of The Rings" forests in the Tararuas, to the mountainous country of the South Island West Coast. One day I'll return to these places, but meantime they form the subject of most of my art. 

Annual holidays were usually spent at home - another special place, adjacent to a reserve that was once a Maori burial ground.  There's a huge outcropping rock, pristine bush and a great presence. It always was a wonderful inspiration to me, even more so now I live here with my menagerie.

The Right Brain / Left Brain Dilemma.

Art had always been my passion, but when I got to my teens, my parents insisted I train for a "proper job",  aaargh!

There's nothing like doing 2 things at once. Career or no, the thread of art through my life went on strongly.  Click on the Press Cuttings and CV buttons below and you'll see I produced, exhibited and sold art "on the sidelines" while working fulltime for years.

Finally I went teaching law at Polytechnic to free up more time for Art.   But my father died of leukaemia soon after, and I was faced with the decision of staying put with a job, or moving home to the country without one.

Of course I moved, hahaa - holding my first solo exhibition before leaving the Waikato. Later, I was forced onto the net by my mother's illness, but ultimately that worked out for the best and the net became a medium for my graphics, webdesign and art. 

Click on the Press Cuttings and CV buttons below for more about my work.

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Patricia Howitt
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