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Original Acrylic:
"Beach Coast"

This sketch was done a few years ago right off the top of my head.

I guess it's purely generic and I couldn't say what piece of coastline it's meant to depict, although to me it distills the whole essence of the hot summer coastline of New Zealand.

But it doesn't feature the pohutukawas that fringe our Northland coasts, and it was done before I moved up here to live.

So I suspect its inspiration lies somewhere around the rather bare, rugged Wellington coastline - Makara or Quartz Hill maybe.

I used to spend some time around the hills of Makara whenever I was into building up fitness for longer trips. No doubt that made a lasting impression!

This image proved very popular up here this summer, though. I had a lot of cards for sale in our local Art Co-operative at Mangonui, and this one sold especially well.

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