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Illustration for "Plants of the Gouland Downs and
Perry Pass" ISSN 0375-0108

Original Pencil Drawing:
"Bulbinella talbotii"
Golden Star Lily

Bulbinellas are of the Lily family.

There are 6 species in New Zealand, all are endemic and apparently the only known representatives of the genus outside of Africa.

Bulbinellas are variously known as the Swamp Lily, the Golden Star Lily and the Maori Onion. All NZ species have yellow flowers.

The NZ species are of varying heights, from Bulbinella talbotii at a few centimeters to Bulbinella rossii at a meter.

Laing and Blackwell had this to say of B. rossii :

"In some places a whole mountain side may be seen covered with a blaze of yellow from the presence of myriads of racemes of this plant."

One hopes this is still the case.

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