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Patricia Paints Prize Prey

NZ Deerstalkers' Association 32nd Annual Conference

Supplement to the Gisborne Herald,
3 June 1980


Patricia Howitt, who drew the magnificent animal featured on the front page of this supplement, had more than her artistic talents to help her in her work.

Her interest in the outdoors began several years ago, with involvement in tramping. More recently, she has turned to deerstalking.

This interest also involves getting out into the hills and painting and drawing animals and landscapes. This year two of her works were accepted for the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Representational Exhibition in March.

She also takes part in target shooting and uses her skills as a photographer in the field.

She assisted the Sika Deer Research Commission in 1977-78, and was involved with the NZDA Exhibition of Hunting and as a speaker at the NZDA Annual Conference in 1978.

Patricia has been a member of the Tararua Tramping Club since 1974 and is active in club activities.

She is a qualified solicitor and has worked in government in Wellington prior to taking up office as National Secretary for NZDA this year.

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