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Original Acrylic:
"NZ Cordyline"
The Cabbage Tree.

Cordylines are members of the Lily family and are related to the Dragon Trees found in Teneriffe. They are found chiefly in New Zealand, Australia and the islands of the Pacific. The Pacific island variety Coryline terminalis formed a staple item of diet and drink for the Poynesians.

There are 5 Cordyline species in New Zealand, 4 of which are endemic. The flowers are white or cream-colored in panicles, and the berries are milky-white.

Cordyline australis, the Cabbage Tree, can reach from 36-60 feet in height, and has multiple heads branching off at the top of a long, straight trunk. It is characteristic of dry hillsides, but can also be found growing in swamps.

It is a very familiar feature of the New Zealand scenery and gained its popular name because early settlers used the young tender heads in place of cabbage. Palm Lily would be a better term.   Cordyline australis is found in both islands.

Cordyline indivisa , which has a single head, is not as tall - mostly reaching about 10 feet, but its leaves are broader and darker, and it has an even more tropical look about it.  It is found in the Tararuas and occurs in profusion in some parts of inland Hawkes Bay.

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