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Original Acrylic:
"Darkling Forest Moonlight"
Wilderness Landscape

Step into New Zealand's bush world with this evocative image that captures the night-time play of light and shade in a forest clearing.

From a shadowy foreground you can look across a brilliant shaft of moonlight falling on the forest floor to a stand of young Kauri trees on the far side of the clearing.

Moonlight picks out the branches of the foreground trees and falls in bright patches on the forest floor below them.

There is quite a lot of activity in our NZ forest world at night-time. Our Demon Dragons - the New Zealand Wetas - are likely to be out looking for a feed as will be the Morepork (the New Zealand Owl) and the Kiwi - both nocturnal birds. Snails and insects, maybe bats and mice go about their business of searching for food, also.

Unfortunately, probably the most noise of all will be made by the Opossum, introduced from Australia, which will be out munching into leaves and fruits..

Recently a new control initiative has started up here in the North, training school leavers in possum hunting for the fur industry - looking good.  If this became a NZ-wide program, we could look forward to possum control that doesn't put our native birds at risk. 

Acrylic on Board. Sketch for a larger work. Overall size 6.5" x 8.5".

Sold - Hamilton NZ.

I am looking at painting this picture again, and if I do, you will be able to buy Cards, Giclee Prints and Framed Prints of this work see sample below:


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