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Original Enamels:
"Forest Edge"

I painted this for the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association's Sika Deer Research Team as the backdrop for a display on the work they were doing with Sika Research in the Kaimanawas. Given the size of the painting you can just about walk into this forest!

The purpose of the painting was to illustrate the variety of species in a typical broadleaf forest of New Zealand. The central trunk is of a mature Rimu tree (Dacrydium cupressinum) with the light foliage of a young Rimu behind it, a dark-foliaged Tanekaha (Phyllocladus trichomaniodes), and Kanuka (Leptospermum ericoides) on the left. Treeferns and shrubs form the understory and there is a groundcover of small plants and ferns.

Oil-based house paint on board flats - 16 feet x 8 feet.

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