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Original Acrylic:
"Forest Giant" Wilderness Landscape

This huge tree creates a safe environment for the smaller plants that grow on its roots and trunk.    It shelters the smaller understory shrubs of the forest, and spreads its branches out to the other large trees that form the forest canopy.

This is a scene from the sacred forest reserve behind our house. The reserve is pristine bush, covering quite a substantial acreage, but surrounded on all its sides by pasture lands. It is inhabited by native and introduced bird species, lizards, native snails and insects.

These small ecosystems are known to be endangered by their isolated position, which may make it difficult for some plant and animal species to survive in them. Fortunately, we have more bush not far away - hopefully close enough for an exchange and migration of species.

Acrylic on Board. Overall size is 6" x 8.5".

Sold - Hamilton NZ.

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