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Original Acrylic:
"Forest Totem" Wilderness Landscape.

Here is another huge tree that has become home to other plants. Growing in this one is an enormous Astelia, with some Blechnum fern hanging below.

Given time, these big Astelias become so heavy that they finally lose the battle with gravity and come plummeting out of the tree to the ground.

Early settlers actually gave these Astelias the name "Widowmakers" because of the ever-present danger they posed to bushmen working in the forests, especially after rain or high winds.

I saw this tree in the Kaimanawas up Clement's Mill Road and took a photograph. The painting looks different in many ways but the essence of the tree is far more prominent in the painting.

Acrylic on Board. Overall size is 9" x 12.5".

Sold - Hamilton NZ.

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