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Original Acrylic:
"Eerie Crater Lake"

Eerie chill of winter and the silence of the high country air fill this scene as ice grips a volcanic lake.

This lake lies in the crater of a very special volcano: Mount Ruapehu on the Central North island Plateau of New Zealand. Overhanging the lake at one side are great, sheer ice-cliffs that drop straight to the water.

Ruapehu has a warm water lake but the top of the mountain is permanently glaciated and it is far from dormant - the mountain made world headlines in 1995 and 1996, erupting spectacularly two years running.

In 1953 an enormous mud slide from this lake rushed down the side of the mountain and wiped out an rail bridge viaduct just minutes before the arrival of the overnight train from Wellington to Auckland.  Many lives were lost.

Geologists anticipated the lake would breach its boundaries again, and a seismological watch was kept on the mountain's behaviour. It did in fact do so, without loss of life, early in 2010. In this picture the menacing water reflects the snow and ice on its steep rocky banks.

Actual painting size is 13.25in x 12in - overall size is 18.75in x 17.75in.

Sold - Derbyshire UK.

You can now buy Cards, Giclee Prints and Framed Prints of this work:

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