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Original Ink:
"In The Gorge"
Marker Pen Drawing

This gorge was located on the boundary of the first property my parents owned up here in the Far North.

It was the same property that had the wonderful Gum Trees on the far bank of the river - also the subject of a painting.

I spent some great times there with my folks, on holidays from University in Auckland, and though a lot of that time involved helping in beaking in the land, there was always some time for recreation.

This gorge was a very special place to escape into, with a steep, rocky face rising up from the stream bank and overhanging trees on both sides of the waterway.

Just about all of my paintings are of real places that I have been to in the New Zealnd outdoors.

Drawn in Auckland from memory using marker pen on newsprint 79 in.

You can now buy Cards, Giclee Prints and Framed Prints of this work:

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