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Original Acrylic:
"Kime Hut, Tararuas"

Kime Hut is one of the huts on the Southern Crossing in the south of the Tararua Ranges, about half an hour on from Fields Hut on the western side of the Crossing, and at over 3500'.

I don't know exactly what form it is in now, except that it has had some additions to its original shape and is now a different color.

I painted this picture a few years ago from a very old, very small photo I have of Kime that was given to me by someone and I cannot remember who. Clearly the hut was painted a light color in those days so I opted for the standard orange in this painting.

The photo shows a group of people in storm gear standing outside the hut in heavy snow and the handwritten inscription on the back reads "Kime Hutt about 1931   Alan Blackett."

The painting is Acrylic on board. Size 16in x 12in. Artist's Collection.

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