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Original Screenprint:
"Kiokio Unfolding" - Symbolic Fern Plant

In this screenprint, the shape of the plant is simplified into a symbolic statement about the unfolding power of the fern. The strong curves of the fern's fiddlehead are backed by the trailing silhouette of its spore-bearing frond.

This fern - Blechnum capense - can be found on dry banks throughout New Zealand and forms a great feature, as its adult fronds can reach 2 feet in length. In open places the young developing fronds are a bright red and this, too, is reflected in the screenprint.

There are over 200 species of Blechnum fern in New Zealand, all of the Southern Hemisphere. They form part of a fern population which is very prominent, to the extent that New Zealand has been sometimes referred to as "The Land of Ferns".

Screenprint 9.25in x 12.5in.

Limited Edition of 25 - 2 sold.

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