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Original Pen and Ink:
"Map Reading"
NZ Wilderness Art.

This one came about on a Christmas 1977 thru New Year 1978 trip to Wangapeka in the NW Nelson Forest Park.

it was an awesome couple of weeks in the wilderness, that passed all too quickly. We were quite heavily laden as we had all our supplies with us and I can remember at one point we stopped for a break at a special place called Brough's Tabernacle - the site of a miner's camp from way, way back.

There were some big old tree stumps, one of them carrying an old carved wooden sign identifying the site, and festooned with old pieces of mining equipment. That is an artwork I still intend to do before long, and it will be a companion to "Denizen of the Forest" and a couple of other pieces I have kicking aound in my head.

Well, we were at altitude and we all collapsed for a breather in the dappled sunlight shining through the high-altitude beech forest canopy not too far above our heads. One of our leaders brought out his map and perched on a stump to check our location and plan the next move ...

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