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Original Acrylic:
"Red Stag Drinking"

Red Deer were introduced into New Zealand from herds in Britain between 1851 (from Thorndon Hall) and 1910 (from Warnham Court).

Other bloodlines were Royal Richmond Park, Stoke Park, Invermark Forest, Raby Park, and Werribee Park (Victoria, Australia).

They were bred up in captivity and liberated at many points in both islands until 1923.

They flourished extremely well in our lush broadleaf forests and tussock grasslands, to the point where serious culling programs had to be set in place to protect the bush. Deer cullers operating on foot and from the air became an integral part of NZFS management, and when the value of deer farming became apparent, Red Deer and Wapiti (Elk) were also hunted and captured from helicopters.

In my view these animals are an addition to our wildlife, but I fully recognize the need for management.   Having spent 2 years as CEO for the NZ Deerstalkers Association I have heard plenty of arguments from those who believe we should return the NZ forests to the state they were in before man arrived.

I believe this is an impossible dream and I also can see the value of these animals as a feature in our landscape, provided they are properly managed. I hope this painting expresses that concept.

Acrylic on Board. Painting size is 25in x 32in.

You can now buy Cards, Giclee Prints and Framed Prints of this work:

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